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Today's Military


Since September 11, 2001, the United Stated has refocused its commitment to national security and protecting the interests of its citizens and allies.  The ever-present danger of an enemy attack on American soil, along with the continuing turmoil in the world, natural disasters, and humanitarian relief, had made the Military’s job more important than ever.  Brave men and women are stepping up and answering the call to serve and defend this nation, both at home and abroad.  As the Military’s needs continue to grow, individuals are needed with unique skills to join this multidimensional workforce – each with a common desire to serve out nation in various roles.

All branches of the Military are made up of enlisted and officer personnel.

Enlisted Personnel– Usually high school graduates who meet minimum standards (physical and aptitude requirements) before enlisting.  Worker/supervisors (pay grades E-1 through E-9) who carry out and maintain the Military’s basic operations.  Qualified to fill office, transportation, mechanical, human service, and combat jobs.  Comprises 85% of Service personnel.

Officer Personnel– Primarily function to provide leadership and management in pay grades 0-1 through 0-10.  Usually college graduates who meet the physical, academic, and moral standards set by their Service to be accepted into programs for becoming an officer (commissioning programs).  Works closely with senior officers to supervise and direct groups of enlisted personnel.  They have the potential to become senior leaders and managers.  Qualified to fill managerial, technical, and professional jobs.

Warrant Officers and Limited Duty Officers– These are specialty officers whose career track is oriented toward progressing within a specific career field, rather than focusing on increased levels of command and staff duty positions.  Warrant officer positions exist in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard.  Limited duty officers serve in the Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard.

Active Duty and Reserves– All branches of the Military offer part-time and full-time enlisted and officer jobs.  Full-time jobs are called “active duty.”  Part-time jobs are referred to as “Reserves” (Guard and Reserve).  All the Services have Reserve and active-duty personnel, however, only the Army and Air Force have Guard personnel (Army National Guard (ARNG) and Air National Guard (ANG)).

Active Duty– Active duty simply means full-time employment with the Military, with on-duty and off-duty opportunities.

On Duty– On-duty life can be exciting, challenging, and hugely rewarding.  The Military offers more than 4,100 specific occupations in over 150 fields, and a chance to change the world.

Off Duty– Just like everyone else, when military people are “off duty,” they play sports, go for walks, travel, shop, and do all the typical things people do when they get off work every day.  They have fun, pursue their interests, and enjoy themselves.  Off-duty time presents military personnel with a wide array of recreational options.

Reserves – The Reserves’ primary mission is to provide trained units and qualified personnel for active duty in time of war or national emergency, and as the national security requires.  Individuals who join the Reserves serve their country and their community.  As with active-duty members, Reservists are highly trained, combat-ready, and available for immediate call-up to serve.  They train (drill) regularly and provide a significant contribution to the daily operations of the Military.  The Reserves consist of two components – the Reserve and Guard – that are prepared to:

Be called to action at any time when our country’s security is threatened

Serve temporarily on active duty to expand our regular Armed Forces in the event of a crisis

Support the regular active-duty forces performing duties such as air patrols, search and rescue missions, air-defense watch, installation/repair of commercial equipment, transport of troops and supplies and provision of medical services.

Serve their states and communities during natural disasters and civil emergencies

Assist with flood rescues, hurricane victims, fighting forest fires, and evacuations.

Thousands of enlisted and officer personnel are needed annually in the Reserves (Guard and Reserves).  The basic qualification requirements are the same as for active duty.  To enlist or become an officer in the Reserves (Guard and Reserves), applicants must meet physical, aptitude, citizenship, educational, and moral requirements similar to those of active-duty applicants.  Specific age, training, and commitment standards vary by Service.

Serving part time or full time in the Reserves offers a steady and stable form of income that can help you smooth some of the bumps on the road of life.  Reservists are paid that the same rate as active-duty members for the time they spend working or training.  Pay grade and length of service determine their rate of pay.

The Reserves have promotion systems similar to, but separate from, the regular Services.  Reservists compete only with other Reservists for promotion; advancement is based on performance and length of service.

For more information on joining the active-duty or Reserve components of an Service, visit www.todaysmilitary.com, call 1-866-VIEW-NOW to have a recruiter contact your, or contact a military recruiter for the Service in which you are interested.  Recruiters are frequently at Mansfield Senior High during the lunch period.
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