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Questions to Ask College Admissions Representatives

  1. What are the college’s academic specialties? What programs are particularly strong or competitive?
  2. What makes your college distinctive?
  3. What are the academic credentials of the typically admitted student? (ACT or SAT scores, GPA, rank) Are extracurricular activities considered when making admissions decisions?
  4. Do you offer career planning and placement at graduation?
  5. Is residence housing guaranteed? Is living in the residence halls required? What percentage of students lives on campus?
  6. What do students do when they aren’t in class or studying? What clubs, special interest groups, fraternities and sororities are available?
  7. What percentages of classes are taught by professors and what percentage by teaching assistants?
  8. What are the deadlines for application and for financial aid?
  9. When are notifications of acceptance sent?
  10. Is there specific job placement data available for recent graduates in your field of interest?
  11. What percentage of the freshman class return for their sophomore year?
  12. What is the student to faculty ratio?
  13. What honors programs are available? Is there honors housing?
  14. What percentage of students leaves campus for the weekend?
  15. What percentage of students receives financial aid?
  16. What type of scholarship opportunities is available?
  17. Is the college on the quarter or semester system?
  18. Does the college have a monthly payment play for payment of fees?
  19. Are freshman permitted to have cars on campus?
  20. Who takes care of students who are sick?
  21. What kinds of academic assistance are available?
  22. What security measures have been taken to assure the student’s safety?
  23. How are roommates assigned?
  24. Should students bring their own computers?
  25. How many applications do you receive in a year, and how many students are admitted?
  26. Can I transfer in credit from CCP?
  27. Do you accept AP credit? What do I need to score on the exam to receive credit?
  28. Do you have any programs to help first year students adjust to college?
  29. Can I participate in a study abroad program? How easy is it to set up a study abroad experience?
  30. Do undergraduate students participate in research with faculty members?
  31. Can I get hands-on experience in this major?
  32. Are there co-ops or internships available? How many companies hire students for co-ops or internships?
  33. How is the food? Can you describe the food plans?
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