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Preparing for College Junior Year



  • Get organized. Create a college planning folder and gather materials about colleges and scholarships. Set up a personal calendar of important activities and deadlines.
  • Make a “wish list” of colleges or training centers that interest you; then check them out. Look at view books and websites, talk with admissions counselors, make personal visits, and talk with people who are going or went to school there. Select which colleges you want to receive your ACT/SAT scores directly. More and more colleges want your scores to come directly from ACT/SAT.
  • Check class rank and grade point average.
  • Attend local College Fair – The College Fair for Richland County is usually in September. Listen to the announcements for the date!
  • Register for October PSAT test (practice SAT test)
  • Think about your reasons for going to college.  What are your goals? 



  • Take PSAT test.
  • Continue doing community service hours. Forms are available in the Guidance Office to help you keep track of your hours.
  • Create a neat and concise list or resume of your school activities, community service, honors, and awards.
  • Begin meeting with college reps who come to the school. You can signup to meet with college representatives. Talk to them about what their college has to offer.



  • Explore interests and careers.
  • Begin preparing a list of colleges to explore further. Start with your “wish list” and begin eliminating schools. Check their websites for admission requirements. Determine which schools you would like to visit.
  • Keep those grades up!



  • Meet with your counselor to discuss course selection for Senior year.
  • Choose a strong college prep curriculum. Colleges look to see if you are taking challenging courses your senior year, or if you want an “easier” senior year. This can make a difference as to whether you are accepted or not.
  • Build on your strong areas.
  • Remediate your weak areas.
  • Attend CCP meeting. Apply for CCP.  The Intent form is due back to your counselor by April 15.
  • Identify important factors in choosing a college.  Two-year, or four year?  Location?  Cost?  Kind of atmosphere?  Entrance requirements? 



  • Update log of activities you are involved in.
  • Update log of honors and awards you earn.
  • Continue to accumulate community service hours.
  • Begin visiting colleges.         



  • Visit colleges.
  • Take tours and have interviews.
  • Check out other resources on the Guidance website. You will find questions to ask and things to look for during your college visits.
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