Board of Education

Mansfield City Schools
Board of Education

President, Ms. Sheryl Weber

Vice President, Mr. Gary Feagin

Mr. Chris Elswick

Ms. Renda Cline

Ms. Linda Golden
School Board members are elected officials, who play a very important role in public education. Our  Board members are responsible for setting District policy, overseeing District direction, and representing community priorities. We are fortunate in Mansfield City Schools to have an active and engaged Board. The Mansfield City Schools Board of Education consists of Sheryl Weber, Gary Feagin, Christ Elswick, Renda Cline, and Linda Golden. All of our Board members are serving members, and their experience is a huge asset to our District.

Our Board of Education provides proof that quality Board members do not simply attend meetings, but engage in shaping the present and future of our District. Being a school board member is truly a service position. Our Board Members sacrifice time and energy to serve the students of this community.