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Common Missteps on College Applications

  1. Student misses the application deadline.
  2. Student has not completed the courses in the college prep curriculum.
  3. Student is taking a very weak course schedule in senior year.
  4. Student takes ACT or SAT in the spring of senior year.
  5. Student’s overall grade point average/class rank is low.
  6. Student sends in application but does not have guidance counselor send the transcript.
  7. Student copies essay from the internet.
  8. Student’s parent fills out the application.
  9. Student is careless in filling out the application, presenting typos, grammatical errors and sloppy handwriting.
  10. Student writes essay on why they want to attend “X” university and sends it to “Y” college.
  11. Student writes essay that is very shallow, doesn’t show any thought or preparation.
  12. Activities list is full of acronyms that are unfamiliar to application readers.
  13. Student doesn’t ask teacher or counselor to review the application before submitting it.  
  14. Student expects long list of activities to outweigh actual academic work.
  15. Student lists email address that is in bad taste or vulgar.
  16. Student has inappropriate pictures or text on their Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account.
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