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Interactive Media

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Mark Morich - Instructor
Email: [email protected]

Interactive Media 1
This course provides an overview of visual communication, graphic design principles, introduction to video shooting and editing techniques. Course work includes an introduction to the vocabulary and production processes necessary to create images, animations, and video in multiple formats. Students will explore raster and create vector-based imagery, illustration, photo restoration, color correction, and image compositing. 

Interactive Media 2
This course will expand on the vocabulary and production processes learned in Interactive Media 1. Emphasis will be on raster-based images produced from the leading graphic software applications utilizing more complex compositing techniques. The student will also be introduced to basic 3D modeling techniques and use current 3D modeling software to create 3D models and produce various drawing views such as orthographic and sectional views. They will incorporate lighting and camera techniques into various assignments/projects. 

This course explores the basic concepts, principles, terminology, skills, design techniques, styles and production processes utilized in planning, writing, lighting, performing, shooting, editing, and graphic generation for producing video. Producing quality audio for video is also explored. Single camera style, creative team work and storytelling will also be employed.
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