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Culinary Arts


 Industry Recognized
Career Focus 
Year 1
Career Focus 
Year 2
Program Highlights    

      RISE UP certifications


  • Retail Industry Fundamentals - 6
  • Customer Services and Sales - 6
  • ServSafe - Food Handler - 1        
  • Fundamentals of Food Production
  • Employable skills
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial restaurant equipment
  • safety in the kitchen
  • proper sanitation 
  • preventing foodborne illness
  • Emphasizing restaurant management
  • Inventory control
  • Hiring practices
  • Restaurant employee training
  • Operations management fundamentals 

  • A presentation will be completed that targets areas as a culmination of their experience
  •  Presentations are given to a panel of parents, teachers, and advisory committee members                                          

Level One 
First Semester Course 
Fundamentals of Food Production 
Students learn about Employability Skills necessary to succeed in careers in the Hospitality and Tourism Career Field. Students learn to use commercial restaurant equipment, safety in the kitchen, and proper sanitation needed to prevent foodborne illness. Students learn fundamental cooking methods and skills to operate the Student Restaurant “The Cub Room”. Skills USA competitions are introduced and how participants are chosen. 

Second Semester Course 
Dining Room Service and Operations 
Students will continue to reinforce learned skills on equipment use and cooking methods, in addition to covering running a restaurant dining room. Customer services are analyzed and practiced. Emphasis is also put on ingredient selection and food presentation as well as introducing marketing, sales & business ethics. The course also uses learning strategies of field trips, and culinary competitions sponsored by the student organization “Skills USA”. The Menu Project, Gingerbread Project, and a Food Demonstration Project are also popular learning strategies used. 

Level Two 
First Semester Course 
Catering and Banquet Service Operations 
This course emphasizes restaurant management, inventory control, hiring practices, and restaurant employee training. Banquet and High-Volume Cookery are introduced. Other areas covered are menu development and purchasing, a review of dining room operations and learning basics about lodging operations. Event planning and design for travel and tourism operations is also covered. Seniors plan and execute an “International Buffet” served in the Cub Room to provide a practical application of learning targets. Skills USA competition participants are determined. 

Second Semester Course 
Restaurant Management 
Students examine information technology with computers and programs to collect, analyze and share information in restaurant operations. Entrepreneurship, globalization and sustainability, and conservation are reviewed. Operations management fundamentals are covered concerning budgets, managing suppliers, and food purchase specifications. Food preparation is reviewed in relation to nutritional analysis and food science. The role of the Chef as a manager is also covered, especially in areas of food production schedules, purchasing, and inventory management. 

Capstone Project 
Students will prepare a presentation from several areas representing learning targets from the two years in the program as a culmination of their experience. Possible presentations can focus on a dinner presentation, or a topical area in the Hospitality Industry, Entrepreneurship, or a baking project such as a Wedding Cake. Presentations will be given to a panel of visiting parents, teachers, and advisory committee members.

Instructor: Moriah Corley

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