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Agribusiness & Strategic Entrepreneurship



Agribusiness is the newest Career Technical Education program offered by Mansfield City Schools!
Agribusiness combines agriculture (animal and plant farming) with entrepreneurship (owning your own business). Students enrolled in the Agribusiness program will learn how to grow, market, and sell items produced through farming. 

 Industry Recognized
Career Focus 
9th Grade
Career Focus 
11th Grade
Program Highlights    

Agribusiness benefits:

  • Earn 6 college credits from statewide transfer eligibility
  •  Industry recognized credential in Ohio Agribusiness Association - Agribusiness and Production Systems Certification
  • Receive 12-point credential for graduation
  • Participate in Future Farmers of America (FFA)     
  • One semester
  • One-period exploratory course
  • Focusing on Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • One semester three-period course in Fall
  • Greenhouse Nursery Management
  • One semester, three-period course in the spring
  • Science and Technology of Food

  • Agriculture Business Management
  • Agricultural Finance
  •  Agricultural Marketing
  • Agricultural Law
  • International Agricultural Trade
  • Horticulture Soil and Crop Sciences                                           

Instructor: Jacob Meadows

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