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Automotive Technologies



 Industry Recognized
Career Focus 
Year 1
Career Focus 
Year 2
Program Highlights    

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications include:

  • Automotive Brakes - 4
  • Automotive
  •  Maintenance & Light Repair - 4
  • Suspension & Steering - 4
  • Service Repair - 4         
  • Fundamentals of shop cleanliness
  • Tool control
  • Business ethics
  • Project management
  • Brakes
  • Suspension/Steering
  • Engine mechanical repair
  • Expand on year 1 with the addition of HVAC
  • Welding
  • Engine repair
  • Automotive maintenance

  • Primary focus: automotive industry
  • Exploratory topics in heavy equipment
  • Marine (boating)
  • Powersports (Motorcycles/ATVs)                                             


Automotive Technology is science in motion. If you're interested in discovering how the world of transportation works, this is the place for you. While our primary focus is the automotive industry, we do exploratory topics in heavy equipment, marine (boating), and Powersports (motorcycles/ATVs). I want our students to understand that the principles taught here can span a number of career options.

Year 1 
In the first year of Auto Tech, our students will learn all of the basics. The fundamentals of shop cleanliness, tool control, business ethics, and project management are a major part of these skills. We will also learn Brakes, Suspension/steering, and engine mechanical repair with the end goal of obtaining ASE (automotive service excellence) certification. Most of the vehicles we use as examples are live demos that will be put back in service at the end of the day. We do emphasize accuracy over deadlines, ensuring that nothing leaves the shop in an unsafe condition.

Year 2 
In the second year, we expand upon the previous lessons by adding HVAC, welding, engine repair, and automotive maintenance. The shop tasks will increase in difficulty and completion times are expected to start matching the professionals. It's expected that you'll have the skills needed to pass four areas of the ASE exams at the end of year two. These credentials are respected throughout the industry and will earn you a spot in the career discipline of your choosing.
Instructor: Edward McGinty

The principles taught here can span a number of career options. This program is an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified program.

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