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Peer Assistance and Review Client

Peer Assistance and Review Client

Peer Assistance and Review Client 

  • To support and assist a certified person with experience in the profession of teaching who requires or requests assistance and support in their professional development. Difficulties may include, but are not limited to the improvement of skills related to management tasks, instructional skills and classroom management.


  • The evaluation instrument may not be used to recommend an employee for this program. 
  • The Peer Assistance and Review Client may: 
    • Become a part of the program by self-nomination in order to accomplish his/her the goals and objectives or job targets determined through personal, self-evaluation. 
    • Accept the verbal suggestion of the principal or supervisor to use the Educator Support Program in order to accomplish job targets. 
    • Have the opportunity to discuss the resources available through the Educator Support Program with a member of the Educator Support Team. 
    • Choose to become or not to become involved in the program.


  • The Peer Assistance and Review Client shall: 
    • Have the right to re-apply for support and assistance in the future if he/she has to drop out for reasons beyond his/her control. 
    • Be provided a mentor for a maximum of one year. This mentor shall be from a similar job assignment or job site if possible. 
    • Meet with the mentor early in the school year and thereafter as needed to do a self- assessment and set goals to accomplish through the Educator Support Program. 
    • Be observed (and aided) by the mentor. 
    • Be provided with a follow-up conference during which the mentor and Peer Assistance and Review Client will cooperatively set area(s) to be addressed and propose means of assistance in these area(s). 
    • Be provided assistance by the team to resolve conflicts or concerns dealing with client/mentor relationship. 
    • Be given up to 3 CEU’s for participation as a Peer Assistance and Review Client.


  • The Peer Assistance and Review Client shall: 
    • Implement in some manner suggestions made by the mentor. 
    • Demonstrate changes in technique in areas in which were cooperatively selected by the mentor and client. 
    • Meet with the mentor, principal, or team as needed or requested. 
    • Maintain an open line of communication with the mentor. 
    • Assist in the evaluation of the Educator Support Program at the end of the year. 
    • Be required to attend all Educator Support Team sponsored activities.

For Assistance with this Program, please contact 

Educator Support Team Coordinator: Carmen Egner

Building: Middle School

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