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Master Teacher Program


 A master teacher demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning.  A master teacher strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth as specified by the Standards for Ohio Teachers.

      Per the negotiated agreement between the certified staff and the Mansfield Board of Education and in response to Senate Bill 2, The Ohio Educator Standards Board (ESB) developed the Master Teacher Program.  Each district is required to establish a committee that will work with the district to confirm eligibility, develop local procedures, establish application requirements, and score each application. As of 2011, the Master Teacher Program will become part of the new licensure structure. By successfully completing the Master Teacher program, a candidate will be eligible for an advanced teaching license.

The current Master Teacher (MT) program aligns with the new licensure structure effective January 2011. Successful completion of the MT program will satisfy one of the requirements for an advanced license (available in 2011).

The Master Teacher program allows teachers to demonstrate their practice based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. Now that it is a recognized path for an advanced-level educator license in Ohio, it provides even stronger motivation for teachers to complete the program.

New Licenses

 What is the new licensure structure in Ohio?

 * Resident Educator License – 4-year non-renewable 

* Professional Educator License – 5-year renewable

*Senior Professional Educator License – 5-year renewable 

o  Master’s Degree 

o  9 years’ teaching experience 

o  Successful completion of the Master Teacher Program

* Lead Professional Educator License – 5-year renewable 

o  Master’s Degree 

o  9 years’ teaching experience 

o  National Board Certification OR Teacher Leader Endorsement with successful     

    completion of the Master Teacher Program

Criteria for Master Teacher designation

=         Consistent Leadership

=         Distinguished Teaching - Focused Collaboration

=         Distinguished Teaching – Focus on Students and Environment

=         Distinguished Teaching – Focus on Content, Instruction and Assessment

=         Continued Professional Growth

Eligibility for Master Teacher status:

=         Hold a valid professional teaching license or certificate

=         Hold a Master’s Degree

=         Have taught a minimum of 8 years (current 9th year)

=         Work a minimum of 120 days during the current school year in MCS

=         Work under a teaching contract/employed as a teacher

=         What do you have to do?  Complete application and recommendation forms, checklist, write narrative section  and submit supporting evidence

=         Narrative section and supporting evidence will then be scored


Advantages of being a Mansfield City School Master Teacher

=         Advanced professional licenses will be the preferred requirements for teacher leadership positions in the district in the future.  Within a few short years there may be a pool of teacher leaders with these licenses to fill mentor and coaching positions, as well as team/grade level leadership opportunities.

=         1 Graduate Credit hour may be available from Ashland University after successful  completion of the Master Teacher Program.

=         $500 One time stipend from the Mansfield City Schools

=         In recognition for the time you spend assembling a portfolio, you will earn

 9 CEUs.

=         Renewal Candidates receive 4 CEUs.

=         Going through the process of becoming a Mansfield City School Master Teacher is excellent practice for working on a National Board Certification in the future.

=         As part of the Master Teacher Process, participants will participate in monthly sessions with facilitators to work on their portfolios and get feedback on the work they are doing.  This will occur between January and May, 2020.

=         Advance your teaching skills by focusing and reflecting on your teaching practice and delivering instruction the students of The Mansfield City Schools deserve.


Schedule for Implementation for the 2019-2020 School Year


=         11/11/2019  Serious applicants informational meeting

=         12/3/2019    Letter of Intent is due to Kevin Stone, Master Teacher Co-Chair

=         12/3/2019   2 Letters of Recommendation are due (Form G) with Letter of Intent

=         1/13/2020   Cohort Organizational Meeting

=         Candidate support given to applicants at monthly meetings: TBD

=         5/4/2020   Meeting for applicants to submit completed narrative materials

=         5/4/2020 - 5/29/2020    Committee dates for scoring

=         6/1/2020   Notifications to applicants

The Master Teacher Application/Narrative is made up of the following requirements:

Section I: Candidate Information (Form C) Basic informational sheet to be filled out.
                 Candidate Recommendation Forms (Form G) 2 separate required

Section II: Writing and Evidence Guidelines

Responses must reflect excellence in the given area inside and/or outside of the classroom and demonstrate an impact on student learning in the Mansfield City Schools. Refer to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Ohio Standards for Professional Development from the Standards for Ohio Educators, as well as the enclosed list of examples of evidence for guidance. Examples referenced and evidence provided must be no more than five years old.

1. Respond to each of the following prompts for each criterion in two to three pages, not to exceed 12 total pages.

2. Responses must include references to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession in one or more of the five criteria, and evidence must be submitted to support responses.

3. The Recommendation Form is to be completed and signed by two supervisors or colleagues who know and observed your professional practice.

4. Responses may not exceed 12 total pages of text and 10 total pieces of evidence. Candidates should choose evidence that best exemplifies their work based on the response provided for each criterion.

5.  Each submitted document, being text, evidence pages and/or other, must be clearly marked with the candidate’s assigned identification number on the top right-hand corner of each submitted document.  This will be assigned by the committee.

6.  Include with your evidence pieces a copy of your letter requesting parent permission to use student work for this project.  This sheet will not count in your total pages submitted.  You are instructed to maintain the completed permission forms in your files.

7.  White out, black out, or code all names of students, staff, and school buildings from all submitted work.

8. Evidence should be referenced within the written text and labeled accordingly.

9. A piece of evidence may be referenced in other criterion.

10. Evidence should not exceed 10 pieces. No maximum number of pages (see Examples of Evidence).

11. If a teacher is submitting three levels of work samples (high, med and low), the teacher should group them all together as one piece of evidence.

12. Evidence should be numbered consecutively in the upper right-hand corner of the paper or document and the number is what should be referenced in the written narrative.

Style Guide

8.5" x 11" white paper
Times New Roman 12pt. Font
One-half inch margin minimum on all sides
Print on only one side of the page
Number all pages sequentially in the upper right hand corner of each page.
Provide clear, consistent references to items of evidence which facilitate the readers          locating each piece of evidence easily as they read the application.
Indicate paragraphs using a 5-space indentation or a line break.

Submission Requirements

Submit three copies of the narrative portion of the Master Teacher Application in a single plain file folder clearly marked with your candidate identification code only.  Attach the "Section I: Candidate Information" cover sheet to the first of the three copies.
Narrative pages are to be paper clipped, not stapled.
Submit a single accumulation of evidence in an expandable folder, binder, or other container that will keep the pieces organized.
Keep in mind that two different readers will review the pieces of evidence, so they should be clearly labeled, readily accessible, and easily reorganized if they get out of order.

Section III : Written Narratives – A valuable writing guide will be provided to the candidates starting at our November 11, 2019 informational meeting.  There will be detailed writing instructions and a guide provided as well as links on the Master Teacher website to Criteria Guides and hyperlinks to needed Standards for Ohio Educators.



To be designated as a Master Teacher in Ohio, eligible educators must clearly demonstrate each of the following criteria as described in the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession ( ). Master Teachers will achieve exemplary scores in four of five areas on the scoring guide.

A. Consistent Leadership: Master Teachers ensure student learning and well-being by participating in decision-making and initiating innovations and improvements for school change. They are leaders who empower and influence others. They engage in a variety of leadership roles and perform thoughtful stewardship responsibilities for the school community and the profession.

B. Focused Collaboration: Master Teachers work with educators, students, families and communities to create relationships; share knowledge, practice and responsibility; communicate effectively and support student learning. They respond to the needs of their colleagues and students in a timely and competent manner.

C. Distinguished Teaching - Focus on Students and Environment: Master Teachers analyze individual and group student development to connect

instruction to students’ needs, interests and prior knowledge. They strive to create an environment that engages learners in inquiry, promotes high levels of

learning for all students and creates a culture of civility and success. 

D. Distinguished Teaching - Focus on Content, Instruction and Assessment:

Master Teachers have a deep and reflective understanding of the academic content they teach. They use multiple assessments to evaluate student learning and inform instruction. They continually reflect on student outcomes and make decisions to promote high levels of learning for all students.

E. Continued Professional Growth: Master Teachers engage in continuous professional development and reflection. They use multiple resources to shape the focus and goals of their professional development including student learning, assessment data, researched best practices and school and district goals. They evaluate their personal growth, understanding and application of knowledge and develop an appropriate professional plan.


• Master Teachers must achieve exemplary scores in four of five areas on the

  scoring guide. (Per SB 2)

*  Candidates’ names are kept anonymous to scorers.

• Please refer to the Standards for Ohio Educators (Ohio Standards for the Teaching 

   Profession and Ohio Standards for Professional Development) and scoring guide before

   writing your narrative.

• A candidate will receive a score summary sheet upon the completion of scoring by the 

   review committee. (Form F)

• The Master Teacher Committee must use the Scoring Guide (Form D) and feedback 

  provided should be connected to the Scoring Guide.

*Results to candidates will be provided by June 1, 2020.

Master Teacher Renewal

Master Teachers will be required to submit no more than a four page reflection on criteria A (Leadership) and E (Professional Growth). The teacher is also required to submit three pieces of annotated evidence, described on T5, that support continued growth for criteria B (Focused Collaboration), C (Focus on Students and Environment), and D (Focus on Content, Instruction and Assessment).

Responses must reflect excellence in the given criteria inside and/or outside of the classroom and demonstrate an impact on student learning. Refer to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Ohio Standards for Professional Development from the Standards for Ohio Educators for guidance. Examples referenced and evidence provided must be no more than five years old.

There is no cost to apply, but to be done properly the portfolio will take some time to prepare.  Directions for writing the narrative and supporting evidence will be provided to candidates starting at the November 11, 2019 meeting.

The 2019-2020 Master Teacher Committee

Kevin Stone, Chair       

Kris Beasley                  

Amy Bradley                

Gabe Costa                   

Kathryn Laser               

Andrea Moyer               

Dawn Williams              

2013 Master Teachers

Holly Christie – Sherman               Dr. Phyllis Davis – Senior High

Kimberly Johnson – Sherman       Jennifer Jarvis – Prospect

Kathy Kranch – Sherman               Kathryn Laser – Malabar

Nancy Niedermier – Sherman       Kim Postell – Mansfield Elective Academy

Margaret Voedisch – Sherman


2015 Master Teacher

Gina Bunker

2018 Master Teachers

Kathy Kranch – Sherman  (Renewal)

Kathryn Laser – Malabar Intermediate School (Renewal)

Margaret Voedisch – Sherman (Renewal)

Dawn Williams - Woodland

2019 Master Teacher

Angela Hartz - Prospect

2019-2020 Master Teacher Information (Printable Copy)

Master Teacher Audio Power Point

Ohio Standards for the Teaching Professional

Standards for Ohio Educators

Updated: September 25, 2019