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Licensure Client

  • Shall be a certified person who under Ohio Department of Education licensure may require an assigned mentor.
  • To orient and assist an entry year teacher hired by the Mansfield City School so that the employee may have a positive experience as he/she begins service to the district. Our desire is that the initial teaching experience will be one that will promote a sense of identity, fulfillment, and dedication to the teaching profession.
  • The Licensure Client shall:
    • Be a teacher new to the profession of teaching who is hired by the Mansfield City Schools. 


  • The Licensure Client shall:
    • Attend training/orientation of mentors/clients.
    • Attend the new teacher orientation and the opening staff activities
    • Attend a training session on policies, programs, procedures, services and testing.
    • Attend all mentor committee sponsored activities.
    • Maintain an open line of communication with the mentor.
    • Be receptive to observations of Mentor.
    • Be receptive to the positive, non-threatening suggestions provided by the mentor.
    • Assist the evaluation of the program at the end of the year.
    • Follow established committee timeline
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