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Sports Medicine

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Our sports medicine programs and sports-specific specialty clinics offer the comprehensive care athletes and active adults like you need to get healthy and strong and stay that way. We care for the athlete that's in all of us.

If your athlete does not have a current physical on file, he/she will not be able to practice.  This will be enforced this year.   

Return to Play Policy:

All athletes to be evaluated by their family physician, urgent care, ER, etc. MUST provide a note from the treating physician indicating the type of injury, course of treatment, and participation status.  The note MUST be given to the athletic trainer before the athlete can resume participation.  Once cleared by a physician the athlete must compplete an appropriate progression back to full play at the discretion of the school's medical staff and coaches.  

Mansfield Senior High School Sports Medicine

Athletic Training Room Hours


MCS Tyger
Mimsy Shuck
Athletic Trainer 
Phone: 614-307-7316 
Jaana Picture
Jaana Motton
Athletic Trainer 
Phone: 614-378-9446