Boys Basketball

Marquis Sykes
Head Coach

The coach will communicate practice dates at practices.

Mansfield vs. Sandusky
January 8, 2022 

Two Ticket purchasing options: 

Option one:  purchase tickets with cash when you arrive for the game.  Ticket prices are $7.00 for adults, $8.00 for balcony, and $5.00 for students.  Our ticket personnel will be available to sell tickets using this method.

Option two:  purchase tickets using Hometown Ticketing.  This is a voluntary option for fans who prefer using a credit card.  Tickets purchased using this method include an additional service charge per ticket.  Fans using this option must use a credit card.  Fans using this option can print a copy of the ticket or have the ticket scanned from a cell phone upon arrival.  Fans interested in this option use this link:  or use the QR code above.