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Black History Month

Black Mansfield Firefighters visited Prospect Elementary for
Black History Month
The African American Firefighters in attendance this morning were Mr Cournal. Canada, the first black City of Mansfield Firefighter, Andrea Cochran, Fire Inspector, along with Firefighter/Chaplain Link Briggs, Isaiah Finley and retired Firefighter Mark Caldwell. Collectively, there is over a 100 years of experience represented here today.


Pastor Jeffrey Jones, of First Baptist Want To do Ministries, read to our 1st grade students his own book "I'm just Saying ...Seeing is Believing. He stressed the importance of good character and accountability.


The  Performers from left to right are Rose Pitts, Jessica Luttreal, Sandra Davis, and Meagan Toler.

Liturgical dance is a type of dance movement sometimes incorporated into liturgies or worship services as an expression of worship. Some liturgical dance had been common in ancient times or non-western settings, with precedents in the Hebrew religion back to accounts of dancing in the Old Testament.


Dr. Ashley Jordan, spoke of Henry "Box" Brown,an enslaved  African American who shipped himself with the aide of a friend from VA to PA, to find his family. It was a 26 hour journey. He was 33. Dr. Jordan ask Mr. Owens to come up to illustrate the height and weight of Henry Brown; the students were captivated. She brought along a box to also illustrate the size of the box used.



Picture above: President Allen Carter (Stampede), William Cole (Wing Nut), Karen Cole (Tag-a-Long), andBarbara Robinson (Echo).

The Buffalo Soldiers of Columbus Ohio Motorcycle Club were presenters this morning for our Prospect students. President/Founder, Allen Carter (Stampede) was the spokesman. Mr. Carter shared the the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, stating it wasn't until Congress passed an Act in 1866 stating African American men could enlist in the Army. As an illustration Mr. Carter brought a sabre for the students to view.

Mr. Allen stressed the importance of educating students on the contribution made by The Buffalo Soldiers fighting for our country, protecting our national parks, these men gave their all for $13 a month.



Today we were honored to have Elder Karen Todd of First Baptist Want To do Ministries.
Elder Todd spoke to the 2nd and 3rd graders about Dick Gregory, a civil rights activist who was also known as a comedian, and nutritionist. Elder Todd spoke of Mr. Gregory's beginnings, his father leaving them when he was very young, and still he did not allow his circumstance to prevent him from going to college, running track and going to the Army. 
Elder Todd engaged the students by asking students what they wanted to be when the grew up; Doctor, Pediatrician, illustrator were some responses. Elder Todd used a crunbled up dollar, thrown on the floor and asked what it was worth, although crumbled, worn, and thrown aside, she told the students they still have value. She ended by singing "I Rise".