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  • Safety Town

    Calling all Kindergartners

    Calling all Kindergartners - Safety Town still has Openings - Call 419-755-9428
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  • NewmanDials

    Two MCS teachers earn Master Teacher Designation

    One of the cornerstones of Tyger pride is to strive for excellence. This standard is modeled by the teachers who continue to move forward with their expertise while honing their skills in the classroom. Teachers Mindy Newman and Michelle Dials were recently awarded Master Teacher certification by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).

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  • State Testing Spring 2021

    Spring Testing Through May 2021

    After many delays due to the effects of COVID-19, Mansfield City Schools will begin spring assessments on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. 

    The district is looking forward to assessments to provide students, families, teachers and administration an academic blueprint for moving forward.

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  • Veronica Williams Payne reads Hog Mollies and Pickle Pie Party

    Hog Mollies - Pickle Pie Party

    Veronica Williams Payne, Talented and Gifted Coordinator, reads "Hog Mollies and Pickle Pie Party". This is part of our 2nd and 7th Reading Initiative program.
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  • Hog Mollies - Rocky Relay Race

    Hog Mollies - Rocky Relay Race

    Zoey Reip, High School Senior, reads "Hog Mollies and Rocky Relay Race". This is part of our 2nd and 7th Reading Initiative program.
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