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The CEIP Príncipe Felipe twins with a school in Ohio

The 4th-grade students of the 'Príncipe Felipe' Early Childhood and Primary Education Center are having an interesting meeting via letters and videoconferences with a school located... in the American town of Mansfield. It is an initiative carried out with a bilingual school - English and Spanish - and that arises from the fact that a teacher who years ago was stationed in our city works in that center.

The 'Príncipe Felipe' Early Childhood and Primary Education Center is carrying out a twinning experience with another school, located outside of Ceuta. Up to this point it could be a more or less normal story, except for one detail to keep in mind: that school is half a world away. Specifically, in the American town of Mansfield (Ohio).

As explained by the CEIP Ceutí "a girl who was a teacher and coincided in a school in Ceuta with one of our teachers, is now working in a school in that American town. From there, she was offered a twinning with a Spanish school and thought of us, getting in touch with our teachers to start joint activities.

Activities that have been developed through videoconference and postal correspondence. For example, in one of these letters, a 'Mansfield Spanish Immersion student introduces himself and illustrates his letter with drawings of some American emblems: the White House "where Joe Biden lives", former presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln or the Dr. Martin Luther King as well as symbols such as the flag or the eagle. The letter was dated in the North American town in March of this year, and in it the young Audrey explains - in more than correct Spanish - that she is seven years old, that her best friends are Dharma, Olivia, and Margot, and the meaning of some of his drawings.

The Ceutí school values this activity positively, "since we like our students to be enriched by getting to know other cultures and other countries. It is the first year of the project that we intend to continue in future courses. The initial activities we have carried out have been: video presentation conference, sending correspondence, and exchanging various videos explaining what our city is like and vice versa.

So, in Mansfield (Ohio) there are students who already know what the Royal Walls, Mount Hacho or Prince Philip are. And both cities - the possibility that the professor is responsible for this is practically 100% - a gastronomic delicacy:  chicken hearts .


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