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Family Involvement

Mansfield Middle School's Family Involvement Plan

Part I

Annual Parent Meeting-Presentation will include workshops that describe

  • Discussion of what Parental Involvement means.
  • Presentation of Parent Volunteer Program.
  • Provide Information/ideas about home activities to help students be more successful.
  • A community leader describing available community resources to support parental involvement within the school.
    • Food will be provided
    • Current parent volunteers will be used to share their perspectives
    • Survey for best time for parent meeting (maybe as a MLK breakfast---trying a different approach)

Part II

1.  Will look to use existing volunteer group to jointly develop the school involvement plan through… 

  • Telephone interviews
  • Email surveys
  • Inviting parents out for an informal conversation with the Family Engagement Coordinator over coffee

These volunteers will be asked to share… 

  • Their perspectives on MMS’ existing family engagement policy
  • Ideas for increased involvement
  • Identification of barriers to involvement

2.  Administration and teachers will review information received from sample of parents (as represented by the volunteers…but, will seek additional parental input through referrals, phone calls, emails, et cetera). Draft documents of school review and improvement processes will be distributed among participants and among MMS community partners (OSU-M, Family Engagement & Outreach Pastoral Advisory Team, NCSC, etc)

3.  Communication re: Title I programs during Open House an Informational Table will be set up to educate parents of the intervention programs available at Mansfield Middle School.

4. Communications re: Title I programs…school curriculum, academic expectations and assessments…wondering should we (designated school team) review existing communications for clarity, language that encourages parental engagement, timeliness, et cetera)? Maybe existing material is dated or isn’t presented in a relevant manner? No judgments or conclusions…these questions are just meant for discussion…

5. School will provide opportunities for parents to provide suggestions and to participate in decisions...

We need to develop activities to assist/establish the following:

  • First, we must develop communications soliciting parental input on school policy and encouraging them their opinions do matter
  • Secondly, develop forums to educate the parents as to the policies and their implications
  • Thirdly, we must develop processes that allows their input to make a tangible difference 

6. MMS will provide a report to parents on their child’s assessments each quarter when progress reports are distributed. Parents will also be able to come to the school and request their students OAA achievement scores once received in the early summer.

7. MMS will provide information to parents in a timely if their child has been taught for 4 consecutive weeks by a teacher that is not HQT. Currently at Mansfield Middle School we do not have any teacher that is not HQT for their subject area.

8. MMS will provide assistance to parents in understanding the following: 

  •  Title 1 and its implications for their children
  • Standardized testing and the state’s requirements
  • State legislation requiring parental engagement and how that impacts student performance
  • Administrative, teacher responsibilities to student learning

9. MMS will provide parents with suggestions for home activities to help students improve achievement…

  • Information for families on the skills required for student in all subjects at each grade
  • Suggestions for how to monitor homework and discuss schoolwork at home
  • Parental participation in setting student goals each year and in planning for college or work

10. Teachers, administrators will participate in Bridges out of Poverty workshops to better understand how best to reach and communicate with parents…further, with Bridges out of Poverty being used as a foundation, strategies will be developed with teachers to improve parental interaction…the intended outcome will be to view parents are equal partners….