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Tyger Digital Academy 4-6

Based on my own experience, teaching online can be challenging. These are some ideas that I have learned or that have worked for parents, kids and teachers alike:

* It is important to meet face to face every day. Students can find their schedule on Google Calendar. Parents should continue to email or call the office to report absences.

* Every assignment in Google Classroom has a due date.
  • If you don't turn in your work by the due date, Google Classroom will report it as missing work.
  • If you submit blank work, or an unfinished video, you will get a zero until you finish the assignment. Both you and parent's can see your score, but it is up to you to finish your work and turn it in. All assigned work must be done in order to complete the GRADE LEVEL.

* The length of classes and assignments are different from studying in person. Here are some common problems and ideas you can use to help online learners:

that Work
Have your child work standing up. (my laptop is set on a bookcase, so I can teach standing)
If your kiddo is getting headaches or having trouble sleeping.
Allow them to sit outside part of the day.
The change of fresh air and natural light calms many kids.
Walk with them after lunch or after classes.
Any movement that has them swinging arms and legs at the same time resets brainwaves.
Stretch or do quick jumping jacks, or other exercise.
Ask kids to show you GoNoodle at www.gonoodle.com; it’s a free site with lots of fun movement breaks!
Manage or minimize noise as much as possible.
Get headphones from the district and remind kids to wear them in class.
Find a space away from traffic, siblings, and especially TV.
Turn off other music, TV’s or devices that play in the background during classes.
Keeping supplies together will help kids be ready to go to class, and make starting EASIER.
Subject notebooks, pencils, markers, highlighters, colored pencils, hotspots, charger, and headphones.
Write out: morning routine, class routine, lunch routine, study hall routine, reading time, telling time, etc, and have kids practice these skills until they can do them independently.
Practice on the weekend in switched roles so that kids teach you to get up on time, brush your teeth, eat, etc.

Don’t be surprised if basic how to skills need a refresher in such stressful times.
Write what there is to eat for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
Teach kids to cook and clean up after themselves.
Post times for bedtimes, chores, studying, reading, as well as off times, family times, etc
Try “The kitchen is closed” to make meals more routine and predictable.
House games:

Have activities where kids compete against themselves or against siblings: "The first to ________ is at the top of the leaderboard" or things like that, will keep them engaged.
Game Ideas:

First / Last to…

The floor is lava…

How many breakfasts can you make out of ____…
Thinking games:
Work everywhere: ask what skills kids are working on, then add a voice, movement, routine skill, or imagination creation to do at the same time they recall the skill.
Do (a chore) while (counting backwards from ###) or while (saying the alphabet backwards) 

Read to your sibling in a pirate voice

Build a fort, and test how much weight it will hold. Compare with others
Get Lots of
Earlier bedtimes will help kids get up on time, and stay calm under stress. Nearly all of my students start school with a poor night’s sleep. It might feel or sound old-fashioned, but turning off the tv and all electronic screens between 8pm through 8am will give brains and eyes time to rest.
With schedule changes, this can be hard, but worth it. Literally turn off the Wi-Fi to reduce computer/TV light sources. This simple thing can improve sleep. No lesson is learned by sleep-deprived kids.

* Don't forget to take time for yourself :) No one can go 24/7. Teachers are supposed to work 7.5 hours per day, M-F, and it is a good idea to give yourself and your kids examples of on and off times. Be kind to yourself: we are all doing our best.

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6th Grade Parents: In accordance with Ohio Department of Health, school policy requires Tdap and Meningococcal vaccines prior to entering 7th grade. Please click here for the nurse's letter with details on how to provide proof of vaccination or schedule vaccinations. 
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