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Welcome to Mansfield City Schools!

We are pleased that you are interested/have chosen to serve our District. As a substitute, you play an important part in the effectiveness of the District. We appreciate and value your contribution to the education of the Mansfield City Schools.

This page is a guide for substitutes and potential substitutes to help acquaint you with what to expect during your time as a substitute.

It is important as you perform your duties that you remember, that a positive school environment is essential to learning. Also remember that from the time a student arrives in the morning until they leave in the evening, they should have grown and become better for the activities and experiences they have learned at school. Your attention to these focal points will help assure success as a substitute.

Substitute Qualifications
Substitutes will be placed on the District's substitute list after the following requirements have been fulfilled: 

  1. A substitute application has been completed
  2. A valid Ohio Teaching Certificate is registered with the District (applies to teachers)
  3. An FBI/BCI Background Check has been completed
  4. Completed and pass a Drug Screening
  5. All onboarding documents are completed

Substitute Rates

Teacher                        $140.00 per day - $70.00 Half Day

Nurse                           $140.00 per day - $70.00 Half Day

Paraprofessional        $12.00 per hour

Secretary                    $12.00 per hour

Food Service              $12.00 per hour

Custodian                   $12.00 per hour

Bus Aide                     $12.45 per hour

Bus Driver                  $17.70 per hour

Substitutes & Pay
Substitutes will need to clock into a time clock to be paid. There are three ways to clock in for your scheduled work day.
  1. The Time Clock Plus Phone App
  2. The Time Clock Web Clock (located on the internet)
  3. The manual time clock located in each building

Under "Substitute Resources" there are videos to provide proper instruction for both the phone app and the web clock. If you choose to utilize the Time Clock Plus phone app, for your first initial setup it will ask you for a Customer ID. This ID is 219625. You will not be able to clock in unless you are within the geofencing area. This means you will not be able to clock in on the way to your worksite, but within the parking lot area or closer. 

Clocking in:
When clocking in, you must use the last four numbers of your social security number. In the event that you have a leading zero to start the last four of your social (i.e. 0123) you would only clock in with the last 3 digits of your social unless instructed otherwise.

Clock In Errors:
If for any reason you have any issues clocking in, or clocking out, or you forget to do either, or you have any other error beyond this that potentially affects your hours for your scheduled work day, you will need to fill out a Time Clock Edit Form for each day of error. Once this form is complete, please allow the building Principal to provide their signature on each form, and have it sent to Central office for the proper corrections to be annotated. Please understand if the time Clock Edit form is not completed for any errors, you will not be paid until these corrections have been completed.

Substitute Resources

Absence and Substitute Management

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