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 2017 OCC All Conference Soccer Honors
From left to Right: Noah Henley, Maranda Cline, Hailey Jacobs, Maddie Wade, Addyson VanHouten, and Zach Riley. 
 Not pictured is Shandon Kiah and Catarino Pacheco.
Ohio Cardinal Conference: 
1st Team: Maranda Cline and Shandon Kiah
2nd Team: Addyson VanHouten and Catarino Pacheco
Honorable: Hailey Jacobs, Maddie Wade, Zach Riley and Noah Henley
1st Team:  Shandon Kiah
2nd Team:  Maranda Cline and Addyson VanHouten
Honorable: Catarrino Pacheco and Zach Riley

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