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Every Student, Every Day Champion
Every Student, Every Day Champion - Allison Weeks, Prospect Elementary

Mr. Jefferson asked Mr. Rizzo to present our Every Student, Everyday Student, Every Day Champion for this month. Mr. Rizzo said that occasionally the person that nominates a Champion asks to remain anonymous. However, Ms. Taryn Nall, our counselor at Prospect Elementary said that she would be more than happy to nominate and recognize Mrs. Allison Weeks and she is was present to do so. Ms. Nall stated " I work with Allison who is our secretary at Prospect and she does an excellent job with students, staff, and families. The staff love her and she handles challenges with grace and expertise. I've watched her grow in her job over the past few years and feel that she is an asset not just to Prospect, but to the Mansfield City School District as a whole. Not only did you hire an excellent employee, but I also have a new friend." Many of Prospect staff were in attendance and applauded Ms. Nall's nomination and recognition of Mrs. Weeks.