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Day Spring Assisted Living Visit
The Sherman Third Grade Leadership Group visited Dayspring Assisted Living Center on Friday, May 13th for our yearly picnic.  Past and current Leadership Kids have been visiting Dayspring for the last 15 years or so.  This year we were joined by Community Activist Doc Stumbo who brought Miss Ohio (Lora Current) as a surprise to visit with the Leadership Kids and Dayspring Residents.  The students visited with the residents and played yard games.  This year is a special year, yet possibly a sad year, because it may be our last year for our visits.  Future third graders will be attending Malabar next year and Mr. Stone is retiring.  The leaders of the group have been Mrs. Zakrajsek (Counselor) and Mr. Stone (Third Grade Teacher).  We have spent many quality years with the Leadership Students and formed many friendships with the residents of Dayspring.  We have learned many skills about developing leadership skills that will benefit our community, even with these young children.  Students have also participated in food drives and gift-giving to Harmony House.  These Leadership Students should be commended and will someday be our community leaders.