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Malabar kids find that hard work in classroom has its reward
malabar fullMalabar Intermediate staff donned straw hats, flowers and straw skirts to serve a picnic lunch in the cafeteria.

      It was, without a doubt, Mansfield’s largest cookout of the spring.

      Hard work paid off for more than 750 Malabar Intermediate School students Wednesday in the form of hamburgers, jumbo hotdogs, chips, soft drinks and the always popular Kona Ice truck.

      “We wanted to reward the students for a successful year,” said assistant principal Tom Hager, one of several cooks who flipped burgers and turned hotdogs on a large grill outside the cafeteria.

      “The kids did work hard and they put forth their best efforts on end-of-year tests.”

      nside the cafeteria fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders moved along two serving lines – choosing between hamburgers or hotdogs, ketchup or mustard -- before settling down at tables. Afterward, it was back to classes for the rest of the day.

      Hager expressed appreciation to the Richland County Foundation for covering the cost of the cookout.