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Spanish Immersion among top 10 in Academic Challenge
SI fullThe Spanish Immersion sixth-grade team includes, from left, coach Josie Schave, Caden Merrell, Brayden Wendling, Jacob Slade, Makayla Oswalt, Emma Kline and Kiara Bragg.

      A team from the Spanish Immersion School placed ninth out of 26 teams Tuesday in sixth-grade Academic Challenge competition at the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center.

      Spanish Immersion scored 128 points in the tournament that began shortly after 8 a.m. and ended just before 2 p.m.

      The Lexington A team placed first with 167 points, followed by Ashland Christian A with 152 and Wooster B with 148.

      The remainder of the top 10 were Lexington B, 140; Wooster A, 139; Ashland C, 134; Northwestern, 133; Crestview 8, 132; Shelby A and Colonel Crawford B, each 122.

      The Malabar Intermediate A team had 104 points, Malabar B, 94.

      Spanish Immersion won its final match of the day, 16-13, over a team from Sacred Heart.

      The format in each pairing of teams included a moderator who read the questions and a timekeeper. Each team was given a series of questions that they alone were allowed to answer. The opposing team then was given the opportunity to try to answer any questions the other team missed.

      Finally, a lightning round featured toss-up questions that were posed to the first students to press their buzzers.

      Toss-up questions in Spanish Immersion’s final round included:

      What do you call a triangle with two equal sides? Answer: Isosceles.

      What is another name for a killer whale? Answer: Orca.

      Only four students competed during the questioning. Team members rotated throughout the day. 

      What is the only national park located in three states that also was the first national park? Answer: Yellowstone.

      What is 234 x 42? Answer: 9,828