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Twelfth district educator earns Master Teacher designation
Angela Hartz fullAngela Hartz, the district’s newest Master Teacher, appeared on WMFD-TV’s “Inside Mansfield City Schools” in November 2017 with Prospect principal Jason Douglas and second-graders Deyonn Clark and Anthony Lyngvar.

      Angela Hartz, a third-grade teacher and math coach at Prospect Elementary School, has attained Master Teacher status through the Mansfield City Schools Master Teacher Committee.

      Committee co-chair Kevin Stone said Hartz is the 12th district teacher to earn the designation.

      “A Master Teacher, as defined by the State of Ohio, is a teacher who ‘demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning. A Master Teacher strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth as specified by the Standards for Ohio Teachers,’” Stone said.

      Hartz submitted two recommendations last fall to begin the process of becoming a Master Teacher. She then prepared a portfolio which included writing and evidence pieces relating to five main domains as they relate to her teaching and professional development:

      -- Consistent leadership

      -- Distinguished teaching: Focus on collaboration and communication

      -- Distinguished teaching: Focus on students and environment

      -- Distinguished teaching: Focus on content, instruction and assessment

      -- Continued professional growth

      The Master Teacher Committee provided support during the writing and evidence collection process over the winter and spring months. Her portfolio was due in May and scored by the committee.

      “Candidates have to score ‘exemplary’ in four out of five sections to qualify,” Stone said. “Candidates report spending approximately 30 to 40 hours completing this process and data collected could go back five years.

      Stone said Master Teacher status is now important in Ohio because of the new licensure process.

       “A Master Teacher may now move up to a Senior Teacher license,” he said. “A Master Teacher taking three college classes may move up to the Lead Teacher license. The Lead Teacher license will be very important to have for those teachers wishing to serve in leadership positions.”

      The Master Teacher designation is active for five years.