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Sherman students wave goodbye in a very different way
wave fullStudents at Sherman Elementary School take their positions around a huge parachute as they prepare to create a wave at the direction of adapted physical education teacher Maggie Voedisch.

      There have been many ways to celebrate the last day of school but this might be the first one to involve a parachute.

      Second- and third-graders at Sherman Elementary School waved goodbye to the 2018-2019 school year Tuesday morning with the help of a huge, multi-colored parachute unfurled on the grassy field along the east side of the school.

      They spread out in a wide circle, gripping the edge of the parachute as they awaited instructions from Maggie Voedisch, adapted physical education teacher.

      “We’re going to create a wave. Have you seen the wave that the crowd creates at a ballgame?” Voedisch asked.

      “Yes!” was the response of many voices.

      “That’s what we’re going to do. But don’t shake it. Wait for the wave to come around to you, then raise and lower your section quickly,” Voedisch.

      It took a few tries – some students were still shaking it – but eventually the parachute lifted and dropped like a rolling wave.

      “That’s it!” Voedisch shouted. “Good job.”

      May 31 had originally been scheduled as the last day of school, but two days were added to help make up for instructional hours lost to calamity days.

      The first day of the 2019-2020 school year will be Aug. 22 for grades four through 12 and Aug. 26 for children in first through third grades. Kindergarten students will be on staggered starts Aug. 29 and 30 before all students begin attending all day on Sept. 3.