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Ohio Cardinal Confernce Listings

All Conference Football

Offensive POY Morgan Smith West Holmes Jr.               Defensive POY Zach Rothrock New Phila Sr.
Special Team POY Kyle Maltarich West Holmes Sr         Coach of the Year Chioke Bradley Mansfield

1st Team
Maurice Bradley Jr. Mansfield 
Hayden Meese Jr. Wooster
Amarr Davis Sr. Mansfield 
Jonny Askew Sr. Mt. Vernon
Ahmaan Thomas Sr. Mansfield 
Nate Fair Sr. West Holmes
Symirr Phillips Jr. Mansfield 
Logan Zollars Jr. West Holmes
Carmelo Smith Sr. Mansfield 
Morgan Eastep Jr. West Holmes
Nate Dismuke Jr. Mansfield 
Lynn Cline Soph. West Holmes
Aedan Nicol Sr. Lexington 
Jack Marmet Sr. West Holmes
Matt Sheets Sr. Lexington 
Cayden Spotts Sr. Ashland
Cam Boozer Jr. Lexington 
Tyler Sauder Jr. Ashland
Keaton Fausel Jr. New Phila
 Will Kepple Sr. Madison
Boston Crowell Jr. New Phila
Garrett Dillon-Rine Sr. New Phila
Jaiden Boltz Sr. New Phila

2nd Team

Mason Green Sr. Lexington 
Elijah Williams-Dixon Jr. West Holmes
Joe Caudill Soph. Lexington 
Gage Brown Sr. West Holmes
Seven Allen Soph. Lexington 
Gus Warner Sr. West Holmes
Julian Franklin Jr. Wooster 
Brock Gallion Soph. West Holmes
Gunner Lacey Soph. Ashland 
Hayden Smith Jr. West Holmes
Nathan Bernhard Soph. Ashland 
Luke Mullins Soph. Mt. Vernon
Cameron Kuhn Jr. Madison 
Duke Reese Sr. Mansfield
Etnie Richardson Sr. New Phila 
Quinten Debolt Sr. Mansfield
Carson Long Jr. New Phila
 Ja’Ontay O’Bryant Sr. Mansfield
Hudson Osborn Sr. New Phila 
Jamier Petty Sr. Mansfield
Pete DiDonato Jr. New Phila 
Jah’mere Dotson Sr. Mansfield
Jaden Jones Jr. Mansfield

Honorable Mentions

Brayden Fogle Soph. Lexington 
Daylan McGinty Sr. Mansfield
Markale Martin Soph. Lexington 
Dajahn Corbin Soph. Mansfield
Carter Wilson Sr. Lexington 
Zyion Brown Sr. Mansfield
Owen Wigton Jr. Madison
 Alex Taylor Soph. Mt. Vernon
Landyn Young Sr. Madison 
Ayden Kennedy Jr. Mt. Vernon
Grayson Sasis Sr. Madison 
Hunter Looney Jr. Mt. Vernon
Brody Gilland Jr. New Phila 
Mason Shankel Sr. West Holmes
Myles Tyson Soph. New Phila
 Grant Miller Sr. West Holmes
Jordy De La Cruz Sr. New Phila 
Zach Shepler Jr. West Holmes
Michael Franz Jr. Ashland 
Jayson Deeds Sr. Wooster
Josh Pancake Sr. Ashland 
Ethan Shetler Sr. Wooster
Joe Isenhart Jr. Ashland 
Anthony Sines Sr. Wooster

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