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2022 Graduating Class

As this school year comes to a close, we want to take the time to recognize our 2022 graduating class. First off, congratulations to all of you for your effort. You've made it through the four years that you thought would never end. You've made it through the dress codes, the late-night cramming, the endless extra-curricular and so much more that made your high school experience unique.

You persevered through the classes where you learned material you knew you would never use again, as well as the early morning classes you never wanted to wake up for. You made it through the drama you thought for sure ruined your life as well as the heartbreak that made you not want to talk the halls again. 

You're moving on to the next chapter of your lives. Your future is important. But please remember what you're leaving behind. 

You've passed your last Friday night football game. The next time your return to the stadium you will be watching from the stands in a different atmosphere. You will never shop for that dress for the dance. You won't be in the student section cheering on the team with your best friends. As these moments went by as fast as they did, you didn't take the time to realize these were the last moments, that are now gone. 

Your parents have watched you grow, and transform into the young adults that you were meant to be. Maybe with sleepless nights, because they were worried about you, or worried about whether they've done enough for you. 

You've walked the hallways for the last time as a student and you've emptied your locker that you've shared with a best friend that may be going to a different school hours away from you. You've taken your final test with the teacher you hated but took the time to know your name.  You've turned in all your equipment and have said your goodbyes. 

You've walked the stage and looked around at so many people you may never see again. So, as you leave, take a moment to realize what you're leaving behind.  The future will come soon enough. As you prepare for your "firsts" you've officially approached your "lasts" embrace them all.

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