It's Friday? Then it's Coffee on the Curb at Spanish Immersion

Third-grader Abraham Evans has just served parent Houston Richards with a cup of coffee at the curb of the Spanish Immersion School. Richards has two children, a kindergartner and a first-grader, at the school.

      By 8:20 Friday morning Spanish Immersion third-grader Abraham Evans was busy filling paper cups and making sure the plastic lids were secure. It was almost time for Coffee on the Curb.

      As they do each Monday and Friday, weather permitting, Spanish Immersion students serve free coffee to parents and others as they drop off their children. Most of the servers are third-graders, with a few fourth- and fifth-graders helping too.

      “Our Coffee on the Curb kiddos love being baristas so much I think that their birthstones must be coffee beans,” said principal Gabe Costa.

      Under Costa’s supervision the students fill coffee cups at a table near the school’s main entrance. The cups are color-coder to indicate the coffee is black, or the addition of cream or cream and sugar.

      Students who serve hava plastic carriers that hold four cups. They remain safely on the sidewalk or the grass median between the sidewalk and the curb and wait until cars stop.

      On Friday Abraham was joined on the serving line by third-graders Kasen Pittman and Memaj Parks and fifth-grader Tiler Harris. Third-grader Kevin Rivera Ramos arrived later to prepare more coffee and help distribute it.

      “I think the kids see Coffee on the Curb as an act of kindness,” Costa said. “They enjoy interacting with parents. I think too Coffee on the Curb helps to teach responsibility and social skills.”

      While he was filling cups Abraham had a suggestion.

      “Maybe we could serve hot chocolate too,” he said.

      “Hmmmm, that’s something to think about,” Costa said, adding that one mother has indicated she would like to bring pastries for the kids to serve with the coffee. 

      “Hot chocolate? Pastries? We’ll see how that goes,” Costa said, smiling.

      Watch out, Starbucks.

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