Senior High's 2020 Manhigan embraces special, unique year

      There is still time to order the Manhiganthe Mansfield Senior High School yearbook that has captured the most important and best memories of the 2019-2020 school year.

      This year’s Manhigan features the Tygers’ amazing football season, winter sports, homecoming and candids of pep rallies and all grade levels of students.

      “While it may not seem like it in this moment, there were so many wonderful things that happened this school year,” said Michelle Williams, Manhigan adviser and business manager.

       Williams said the yearbook staff also has worked thoughtfully to capture the COVID-19 crisis and how it has impacted Mansfield Senior High School.

      “The hope is to make these memories last forever in your 2020 Manhigan yearbook. For these reasons and more, the 2029-2020 school year is incredibly special and unique, and one that won’t soon be forgotten,” Williams said.

      The 2020 Manhigan can be purchased by clicking on the following link:

      Anyone who is interested in donating a yearbook to a senior who has not yet been able to purchase one may reach out to Williams at [email protected]

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