MCS resolution denouncing racism may become a model for others

      The Mansfield City Schools Board of Education unanimously adopted a resolution denouncing racism Tuesday evening.

      “Racism has no place in our country and no place in education. We want it known that our district will not tolerate it,” said board president Renda Cline.

      “We want to take positive action that will make it better for our children, the leaders of tomorrow.”

      Other board members agreed.

      “Too many times the conversation gets lost in black or white. It’s about right versus wrong,” Chris Elswick said. “We shouldn’t tolerate racism.”

      Gary Feagin expressed pride in the district’s action.

      “I am proud of Mansfield City Schools to be one of the leaders in denouncing racism. We need to be a leader,” he said.

      Superintendent Stan Jefferson said he had conversations with other districts and the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center about Mansfield’s plans to adopt the resolution.

      “Many districts want to do what we’ve done tonight in denouncing racism. They have asked to see our resolution as they think about what they want to do,” Jefferson said.

      Ms. Cline urged Jefferson to share the resolution with other districts.

      The resolution adopted by the board says:

      “Whereas, the Board of Education of the Mansfield City School District desires to take a public stand against racism, and

      “Whereas, people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures contribute to the Mansfield City School District’s strengths and well-being, and

      “Whereas, this Board will not tolerate racism.

      “Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Education of the Mansfield City School District:

1.       “That we denounce and reject racism and will not tolerate it in our School District.

2.       “That we further resolve to continue to focus on and implement policies and procedures throughout our District that support all of our students, parents, employees, volunteers and our entire tiger community regardless of race and that provide an environment that supports civil rights for all.”

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