Australian wildlife have a friend in Spanish Immersion fifth-grader

Fifth-grader Hadley Hoovler displays her Wildlife Warrior bracelets flyer with the help of teacher Leigh Kelly and fellow student Dakota Morris.

      Hadley Hoovler lives more than 9,000 miles from Australia but that isn’t stopping the Spanish Immersion School fifth-grader from doing all she can to help Australian wildlife threatened by ravaging wildfires.

      Since returning from winter break on Jan. 2, Hadley has been selling – with her principal’s permission – her hand-woven Wildlife Warrior bracelets to other students and staff.

      As of Monday she had raised more than $300.

      “One hundred percent of all profits will go to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Foundation,” said Hadley, 11. “I want to help animals injured or threatened by the wildfires.”

      According to its website, Wildlife Warriors was originally called the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation. It is a conservation organization established in 2002 by Irwin and his wife, Terri, to involve and educate others in the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife.

      Steve Irwin, who gained fame as TV’s “The Crocodile Hunter,” died in 2006 from a stingray injury to his heart. His family has carried on his work.

      Hadley explained her mission in a colorful flyer she distributed at school.

      “My family and I have always enjoyed going to the zoo and looking at all the animals, ever since I was a baby,” she said. “This past summer I started making bracelets (from special strings) and wanted to sell them and donate the money to a good cause.

      “Recently, while watching the news I saw the Irwin Family helping save the beautiful wild creatures that are being affected by the Australian wildfires. I knew that I had found my cause.

      “Several of my classmates have bought bracelets to support this wonderful cause. I hope you will do the same to help make a difference and save these amazing animals.”

      nyone interested in donating may contact Hadley by email at [email protected]

      Hadley isn’t the only student at Spanish Immersion trying to help the Australian animals. Fifth-graders Brynleigh Webb and Dakota Morris have begun selling earrings “and other stuff” to support the wildlife.

      Dakota said Monday the pair had raised $20 in the last week or so. He credited Brynleigh with making the items.

      "I’m just here to sell them,” he said.

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