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Family Involvement

School Parental Involvement Policy/Plan

John Sherman Elementary

Part I. General Expectations
1. JOHN SHERMAN ELEMENTARY scheduled/held one meeting with parents of students receiving literacy intervention during the evening of November 10, 2015.
  • Parent/School compact sent home in August with all students.
  • Families were encouraged but not required to return their signed agreement.
  • Parent/School Compact on District Website
  • Parent/School compact presented and made available on 11/10
  • Copies of compact always available in Sherman School lobby on Parent Information/Literature table.
Part II. Description of how Sherman will implement required school parental involvement policy/plan components:
1. Sherman School will act to involve parents in the joint development of the school parental involvement plan:
  • Parents invited to attend Title One Annual Meeting on November 10, 2015. Information will also be distributed at Parent Conferences on November 10 and November 19, 2015
  • Notices/invitations sent home to all families
  • Notice/invitation included in Principal’s Newsletter
  • Announcement made during the evening while parents were present in the building.
2. Sherman School will take the following action to involve parents in the process of school review and improvement:
  • Presentation of Family Involvement Policy
  • Parents invited to make comments/revisions/approve
  • Parent Evaluation Forms are available for all family activities
  • Suggestions forms made available at this meeting
  • Requested Parent Volunteers/Sign-up sheets available
  • Report Card reviewed
  • School Improvement Status Explained/Shared
3. Sherman School will hold an annual meeting to inform parents of the school’s participation in Title 1 programs:
  • itle One Programs Descriptions Explained
  • Title One Needs Assessment shared
  • Literacy program/curriculum shared
  • Volunteers requested
  • Invitations extended for parent observations of interventions
4. Sherman School will provide parents of participating children information in a timely manner about Title 1 programs that includes description and explanation of the school’s curriculum, academic assessment, etc.
  • Literacy Curriculum Shared
5 Essential Elements of Teaching Reading
  • M.C.S. Balanced Literacy Approach
    • Framework Components for teacher of reading and writing
    • Book Room/Guided reading explained
    • Teachers further explain curriculum/common core standards/assessments/student progress to parents at conferences
    • Parents will receive a letter from the superintendent regarding Ohio Diagnostics Assessments  and how the screening results will determine on track/not on track performance and the Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan (RIMP) requirement
    • Meeting for Third Grade parents to explain the O.A.A.
5. Sherman School will provide opportunities for parents to formulate suggestions and participate in decisions about the education of their children:
  • Conferences
  • Invitations to Sherman award celebrations
  • Teachers initiate phone calls to parents
  • Teachers send notes to communicate with parents whenever necessary
  • Title One teachers extend invitations to parents to watch/observe a Reading Recovery Lesson and Leveled Literacy Intervention Lessons
  • Title One teachers send home program descriptions/permission letters to explain the “selection” of children for interventions
  • Teachers maintain flexible schedules to allow parents to observe lessons at a time when it is convenient/possible for the parent to be present at the school
  • Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plans (RIMPS) and Plans for Success will be reviewed with parents at November conferences on November 10th and November 19th
  • Parents will discuss their child’s educational opportunities at the Third Grade Guarantee meeting
6. Sherman School will provide each parent an individual student report about the performance of their child on assessments:
  • Quarterly Grade Cards sent home to parents
  • Letters to parents to inform results of the Third Grade O.A.A.
  • Title One reports are sent home to all Reading Recovery and Leveled Literacy Intervention students
  • Interims sent home for students that are not meeting expectations
  • Awards Assemblies/Parents are invited to attend
  • Reading and Improvement and Monitoring Plans (RIMPS) will be shared with parents at Parent Conferences on November 10th and 19th
  • Plans for Success/Retention plans sent home
  • Letters will be sent home to parents to inform them of their child’s progress in order to monitor and improve performance in accordance to the Third Grade Guarantee and RIMP requirements
7. Sherman School will take the following action to provide each parent timely notice when their child has been assigned or has been taught for four (4) or more consecutive weeks by a teacher this is not Highly Qualified
  • Sherman School teachers are all (100%) Highly Qualified
  • Per district policy – letter is sent to parents of students who receive instruction via a non- Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT)
8. Sherman School will provide assistance to parents in understanding the following:
  • State Common Core standards, state student academic achievement standards, state and local assessments, monitoring child’s progress
  • Meeting that will help parents to understand the Third Grade Guarantee
  • All of the following Sherman Family Involvement Activities are designed to promote family involvement that supports curriculum and student achievement that is standards based:
  • Open House on August 13, 2015
  • Assemblies to Celebrate First, Second, Third and Fourth Quarter Achievements
  • Third Grade Parent Night for O.A.A. results
  • Physical Education Healthy fun Nights – One per Quarter
  • Author/Illustrator Visit
  • Christmas Music Program/Spring Musical
  • Dance Performances – April
  • Conference Night – explains individual student achievement/Ohio Diagnostic results for Reading, Writing, and Math Screeners/Quarterly Assessments/Reading Benchmark Assessments/Writing Rubrics and Samples
  • Teacher’s Newsletters to communicate curriculum/work/assignments to parents
  • Reading Recovery teachers will invite the parents of their students in for a demonstration lesson and show ways they can help at home
  • Principal’s Newsletters to parents
  • Annual IEP meetings
  • Staggered Kindergarten Start/First Steps
  • End of the Year Ice Cream Social for Families
  • Each grade level is responsible for “showing off” student word sometime during the day throughout the year:
    • Kindergarten – Grandparent Celebration
    • First Grade – Afternoon with First Grade
    • Second Grade - Research Project Presentations
    • Third Grade – Family Night for OAA
9. Sherman School will provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve achievement by:
  • Literature Table in front lobby provides parenting tips, literacy information to assist parents in helping their child with homework, reading, writing and math
  • Author Visit builds appreciation by training and modeling the joy of reading so families will deepen their own understanding and value literacy in the home
  • Reading Recovery parents are invited to observe lessons so they will be better able to support their student at home
  • Third Grade parents are provided with training to support student achievement in the Third Grade and on the O.A.A.
  • As an outcome of the Third Grade Guarantee meeting, mini parent training sessions will be planned with the hopes of parents attending to get ideas of ways to help students at home
  • Kindergarten early reading strategies presentation will help parents of our youngest students read and maintain their progress over the summer.
10. Sherman School will educate its teachers, pupil services personnel, principals and other staff in how to reach out to, communicate with and work with parents as equal partners in the value and utility of contributions of parents. Sherman School will implement and coordinate parent programs and build ties between parents and schools by:
  • Sherman School will provide staff with Professional Development to build staff’s understanding of good family involvement
  • Sherman School staff will work together to provide Professional Development opportunities to explore the value of good family involvement and then take steps to achieve determined goals
11. Sherman School will attempt to coordinate and integrate parental involvement programs and activities with Preschool, Head Start, and other such programs where appropriate:
  • Sherman School has established practices and activities that transition students from preschool to kindergarten
12. Sherman School will take the following actions to ensure that information related to the school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to parents of participating children in an understandable and uniform format, including alternative formats upon request, and to the extent practicable, in a language parents can understand:
  • Important notices go home multiple times on colored paper to be noticed more easily
  • Students extend invitations to parents by composing and writing the invitation as an authentic learning exercise in Writer’s Workshop
  • Principal’s Newsletters
  • Teacher’s Newsletters
  • Use Leader Alert to notify parents of training sessions or school activities