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About Us

About Us
      Springmill STEM Elementary is the newest addition to the Mansfield City Schools and has been created to help students meet and exceed learning standards in the core subject areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and literacy. Lessons are presented with an integrated inquiry and hands-on approach both in the classrooms and in our specialized learning galleries. To build the strength of our school, we seek support from our parents and community members as partners in creating this dynamic learning environment. We began the program in the 2016-2017 school year with two Kindergarten classes, added first grade in 2017-2018, and plan to grow one grade level each year until we are a Kindergarten through third grade building.
      The Springmill STEM facility is unique in that half of the school has been converted into specialized learning galleries while the remainder of the building is composed of student classrooms. At Springmill, our goal is to Incorporate the STEM skills of design, inquiry, invention, and teamwork into our daily lessons, activities, and projects so as to create a collaborative learning community that values working, problem solving, creating, and communicating together in small group settings.
The vision of Springmill STEM Elementary is to provide an educational option for students to be introduced to and pursue their interests and aptitudes for the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and the arts. Springmill STEM is a school where children are educated through a collaborative effort by staff, parents, students, and the community. Our students will leave our elementary program prepared to successfully enter, participate, and complete intermediate, secondary and higher education STEM pathways and then be ready to compete in the cutting edge workforce of today.
      Our Mission: Springmill STEM Elementary, in partnership with the community, seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success in the STEM fields of study. Students will develop critical thinking skills through hands-on, project-based learning that will prepare them to take on real-world challenges. Springmill STEM Elementary will prepare students for STEM pathways in intermediate, secondary and post-secondary education so that they can be successful in the increasingly high-tech and high-skill global economy.