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Mansfield City Schools


Spanish Immersion Program


When: Fall of 2018

What: Full-day kindergarten taught by a certified, highly qualified teacher. The language immersion model is a full immersion model. Language immersion offers a unique and innovative educational opportunity. Students will acquire Spanish while learning the district curriculum and Common Core State Standards in all curricular areas, as well as the state standards for kindergarten Please refer the Ohio Department of Education, Common Core State Standards.

Why: Our society is becoming increasingly multi-lingual. As educators and parents, it is our responsibility to prepare and enhance our children’s understanding and skills required to participate in our evolving community and to compete in a global society. People who can communicate in more than one language gain personal and professional advantages.

Goals for Students:

  • Learn to speak, communicate, read, think, and write in Spanish
  • Acquire mastery in all areas of the District curriculum and State Standards
  • Gain appreciation of other cultures and a deeper understanding of their own culture
  • As research indicates, children who learn a second language have increased capacities for creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Research also indicates immersion in a second language in a comprehensive setting creates proficient second language speakers.

Who May Apply: Any (whether in-district or out-of-district) child who is five years old before September 30, 2015 may apply. Complete the Registration form and deliver it to Mr. Michael Brennan, Principal, 240 Euclid Avenue, Mansfield, OH 44903 or fax to 419-525-6386. Enrollment will be held to two classrooms at this time. The number of slots will be based on the reduced-class size grant of 18. Once the seats are filled via the lottery, a waiting list will be established for those included in the lottery but not receiving an assignment to the program. Applications will continue to be accepted and placed on the waiting list in date/time order. Registration will be official when the Kindergarten registration packet is completed and returned. Applications are due in the office February 28, 2018