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Public Relations
The primary responsibility of the public relations coordinator is to cultivate trust and support for the Mansfield City Schools by providing a consistent flow of accurate and timely information to the community at large.  This is accomplished by working closely with the board of education, the superintendent, principals, teachers and students.
The public relations coordinator's specific duties include:
  • Maintaining regular in-person contact with staff in the district's eight schools.
  • Daily consultation with the superintendent.
  • Notifying the public and media of upcoming board of education meetings within required timeframe; assisting the superintendent's executive assistant in completing board minutes for approval.
  • Attendance at all board of education meetings and reporting of board actions on the district web site and through local media.
  • Daily updating of the news section of the district's home web page.
  • Researching and writing feature stories about students' achievements and developing other news release for distribution to the Mansfield News Journal, WMFD TV, Richland Source News and WMAN radio.
  • Taking photos to accompany stories and for posting on the web site.
  • Linking news and feature stories on tygerpride.com to the district's Facebook page and Twitter account. 
  • Responding promptly to media inquiries during the day and after office hours.
  • Arranging guests and hosting the district's weekly school-year program "Inside Mansfield City Schools" on WMFD TV.
  • Writing and designing district newsletters for distribution to 13,300 homes and businesses within the school district.
  • Assisting the board of education, the superintendent and principals with the preparation of printed materials.
Larry Gibbs, public relations coordinator, can be reached at:
Raemelton Administrative Building
856 West Cook Road
Mansfield, OH 44907
419-525-6400, ext. 56406