Laundry Basket Library

Laundry Basket Library
Mansfield City Schools' Laundry Basket Library was established in 2001 as a community outreach by Debra McKee, Title 1 Family Involvement Coordinator, at that time.  When funding for the program discontinued, Deb began enlisting volunteers and soliciting donations.
The purpose of this project is to provide access to books for families across Mansfield.  Laundry baskets filled with books for all ages, are placed in supermarkets, laundromats, hospitals, bus stations, clinics, shelters, and carry-outs.  Each basket is labeled with the invitation to "FREE BOOKS. Take a couple".  
The books are for all ages with the hopes that Mom and Dad or older and younger siblings will pick up a book to read as well. 
Laundry Basket Library, operates with a team of dedicated Retired Senior Volunteers (RSVP) and Mansfield City Schools retired employees who sort books then fill and deliver the baskets to sites around town.  The success of this project is demonstrated by its growth from one volunteer and two sites in 2001, to a network of volunteers representing ten partner organizations, and twenty-five sites.  Baskets are restocked twice a month creating a distribution of approximately 1000 books per month.  Books are donated by community members, as well as, by groups such as; the Volunteers of America, Girl and Boy Scouts book drives, Friends of the Library, Graham Chevy Town, Ohio Area Agency on Aging, The Republican Women's Club, and churches.  A James Patterson Page Turner Award grant for $5,000.00 was received in 2006 which helped expand and add needed genres.
Deb is always looking for more volunteers and donations.  If you have books that you no longer want or have use for, please keep this project in mind.  And, if you would like to volunteer please let Deb know.  Deb is now retired from Mansfield City Schools but is continuing this worthwhile project.  If you would like to reach Deb to donate books or your time, please call her at 419.566.5091.
Laundry Basket Library Sites
Baker's Collision Repair, 595 5th Ave.
Catalyst - The Center for Individual and Family Services
741 School Road
Catalyst - Rehabilitation Center
270 Sterkel Blvd.
Chugz, 77 S. Diamond St.
Clean Jeans, 225 Ashland Rd.       
Colonial Coin Laundry, 190 Marion Ave.
Culliver Reading Center
545 Bowman St.
CVS, Corner of 4th & Trimble 
Dewald Center 47 S. Main St.
E.K.Market, 929 Springmill St.
Friendly House, 380 N. Mulberry
Grace Episcopal Church Food Pantry, 
41 Bowman St.
Geyers, 660 S. Diamond
Juvenile Justice Center, 411 S. Diamond St.
Mans/Ont/Rich. Cty. Health Dept.
555 Lex. Ave.
Mansfield Restaurant, 948 S. Main St.         
Med-Central-4N. Tower, 335 Glessner Ave.
Med-Central Emergency Room
335 Glessner Ave
Richland Cty. Transit, 74 S. Diamond St.
Richland Pregnancy Services
1560 W. 4th St.                  
Sherman Elementary MORE Program
1138 Springmill St.
Speedway, 1321 Park Ave. West
Speedway, 564 N. Trimble              
Thrifty Wash Laundromat, 186 Ford St.