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High School Transition - 9th Grade

Transition - 9th Grade Course Offerings

Tyger PAWS, 1005
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12
Credit: 1 Weight factor: 1.5
Prerequisite: None 

Tyger Paws is a transition course for incoming freshmen at Mansfield Senior High School. This course provides students an opportunity to explore their personalities, better understand their unique set of skills, realize what it takes to succeed after high-school, and recognize the importance of successfully completing high school and keep them on track to do so in four years. The culmination of the year-long course is the creation of individual ten-year plans that identify each student's academic and life goals, along with a plan to achieve those goals. Each ten-year plan will then form the basis of a guidance and advisement program that will be designed to ensure that all students remain academically engaged during their remaining high school years.

Tyger PAWS is an elective credit available for all incoming freshmen. The most important aspect of this course its ability to help freshmen understand the correlation between high-school success and personal and career success after high school. The curriculum for the course will be career-based with a strong math and english component.

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