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High School Business

Business Course Offerings 

Business Law, 8610
Grades: 11,12
Credit: .5 Weight factor: 1.5
Prerequisite: None

Business Law is taught for its personal value to the students. It will also assist the students in the demands of everyday living. It develops an understanding of personal rights and obligations in business transactions.
Microsoft Office Suite I, 8440
Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12
Credit: .5    Weight factor: 1.5
Prerequisite: None

This course will allow students to gain valuable experience in using software programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Personal Finance, 8140
Grade: 11,12
Credit: .5 Weight factor: 1.5
Prerequisite: None

In Personal Finance, students will develop and maintain their own financial information portfolio. Students will develop a better understanding of how their present and future financial needs can be better understood and met. Students will become more knowledgeable, effective and efficient consumers now and in the future. Topics covered, but not limited to are: career choices; banking; buying vehicles and homes; renting; insurance; investing; credit use; wills; income tax forms.

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