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High Five Matrix

Malabar Intermediate  HIGH FIVE MATRIX









Entering the building

in the morning

Quiet voices. Follow

adult directions.

Go to the cafeteria

or the gym.  Wait for permission to leave.

Sit in assigned area.

Take book bags/coats.

Keep hands, feet, objects to self. Follow directions.

Respect others.


Quiet voices. Follow adult directions. Respect others (no name calling or saving seats)

Eat your own food.  Sit facing the table.  Stay in place in line.

Stay in your seat. Throw trash in cans.

Have ID/money ready.  Find seat quickly.  Raise hand to be dismissed.  Line up with class.

Stay seated.  Raise hand for help.  Hands, feet, objects to self. Listen.

Use your manners.


Walk quietly.

Value displays by only looking at them. 

Respect others. Hands, feet, objects to self.

Stop at designated places.

Face forward. Single file.  Walk in the middle of the rectangle to the right side.

Walk.  Stay in the middle of the rectangle in a straight line.

(right side)

Quiet hallways.

Everyone walks on the right side.


Respect privacy. Report problems to an adult.  Limit time.

Wash hands. Throw trash in cans.  Report problems to an adult.

Limit talking. Take care of business


Hands, feet, and objects to self. Wash hands.

Clean and quiet restrooms.

Walkways (outside)

Walk on sidewalks.

Quiet voices.

Respect others.

Face forward. Single file.

Walk.  Hands,  feet, and objects to self.

Orderly entering and exiting of the building.


Respect others –no name calling, threats.

Play by the rules of the game. Follow adult directions.  Use equipment properly.

Wear appropriate shoes.  Line up when called. Listen for adult directions.

Hands, feet, and objects to self. Follow adult directions.

Be a good sport.


Eyes on presenter.  Quiet.   Keep feet off of seating areas. Respect others.

Eyes on presenter.  No negative comments or actions toward presenters.

Follow adult directions.  Listen.

Stay in seats. Follow directions. Hands and feet to self.

Enjoy assemblies!!


Listen for directions. Follow routines. Listen for announcements.

Know your plan for getting home.  (bus numbers) Check for homework. Follow hallway and walkway


Maintain control of personal items. Respect others. Walk to the bus or parent pick-up areas.

Know your plan for getting home. Listen to announcements and directions.  Go home and report in to an adult.

Be safe while going home!

All Settings

Follow matrix directions in all areas.

Be an active listener.

Follow directions.

Be prepared.

Hands, feet, and objects to self. 

Give your best effort.  Respect everyone.