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About Us

We are pleased to greet you from the Mansfield Spanish Immersion and Pre-K Website!  As you can see from the letterhead, we house pre-kindergarten and the Spanish Immersion program. This is our eighth year as a program in Mansfield City Schools. 

Our preschool serves typical and special needs pre-kindergarten students who are three to five years of age, residing within the Mansfield district, as well as anyone wishing to transport and pay tuition, who live outside the city. Our program is half-day, with transportation provided for students living in the Mansfield City Schools’ attendance area. The hours are 8:30-11:30 for the AM classes, and 12:30-3:30 for our PM classes Monday through Thursday. No pre-kindergarten classes are held on Fridays.  We do have a fee for pre-kindergarten based on a federal scale. Please access the Fee Scale on the district website. If anyone is unsure where they fall on the scale, we will be happy to assist them. Our teachers are fully certified, with at least bachelor degrees, and are current with age appropriate practices and child development knowledge for this area. They are very skilled and highly qualified professional educators. We also have highly trained paraprofessionals in each class, who come to us with a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge. 

The Spanish Immersion program began in 2008 with kindergarten students only. This class moved to first grade and are currently in seventh grade in our Middle School.  How time has flown!  Our immersion program is from kindergarten to sixth grade. Most of our teachers are from the Spain, teaching all the core subjects in Spanish. However, we have hired two bilingual teachers from Ohio to teach English Language Arts.  All of our teachers are highly educated, designated as “highly qualified”, certified, and talented Spanish educators. Most of our teachers in the Spanish Immersion program are participants of the Ohio Department of Education World Languages Department Teacher Exchange Program.  

Our students are thriving academically and socially, while they learn: math concepts, to read, write, converse, problem solve, and an array of other skill sets associated with kindergarten, in Spanish.

The application for the Spanish Immersion kindergarten is located on this website. We would like to encourage parents of students who are native Spanish speakers to also enroll. Research shows that native Spanish speakers greatly benefit from Spanish Immersion programs and will learn English skills with their English speaking counterparts as they progress together through the grade levels. Research also says that native Spanish speakers who become strongly grounded in their native language increase their English proficiency to a higher level than those who do not. If anyone would like to enroll a student mid-year in kindergarten, they should do so immediately and be prepared to help the student catch up. However, we reserve the right to deny enrollment if there is evidence that rapid progress to catch up cannot be made.

Our goal is to provide our students with the skills of a world language, Ohio Standards, and the cultural awareness to become highly competent and competitive Americans in the emerging global society.  

We invite you to visit our school and our classrooms. Please call to let us know when you would like to come.  The staff is very excited about our program and can’t wait to share their enthusiasm and welcome your interest.  


Gabriel Costa