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Prospect Elementary 
485 Gilbert Avenue
Mansfield, OH 44907
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Principal: Mr. Jason Douglas
 Secretary: Mrs. Michelle Briggs

On Friday, November 16, 2018 Prospect Elementary School, in partnership with The Mansfield Fire Department, teamed up and gave out free turkeys to Prospect parents.

On hand to pass out the turkeys from the Mansfield Fire Department was Firefighter/Chaplain Link Briggs Sr, and Principal Jason Douglas.  Thank you Mansfield Fire Department for your caring and giving heart toward our families here at Prospect, and your continued to support of our community.
Prospect Students of the Month
for September and October 
The students at Prospect Elementary were able to attend a concert at the Renaissance Theater performed by the The Mansfield Symphony Orchestra as part of Operation Bridge Building in October reinforcing literacy standards.  We also had the opportunity to have the Brass Trio come and perform for our students at Prospect Thursday, November 1.  

The students and staff were pleased and enlightened by the performance.  We appreciate the concert and The Mansfield Symphony Orchestra for their talents and time.
Be Kind Stick Together is a FREE character education program to school and youth organizations by Project Love and Duck Tape.  Taryn Nall, School Counselor, went to every class room explained the program and received signatures from every student and staff of Prospect Elementary pledging not to bully.The above picture showcases Mr. Douglas, Principal and a few students standing in front of the poster pledging not to Bully!
Be Kind Stick Together Against Bullying