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Hedges Campus
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  What’s Been Happening at Hedges Campus?

August - September
Hedges Campus was off to a great start for the 2016-2017 school year with a group of 4th – 8th grade All-Star students completing all school assignments and a group of All-Star students beginning the year with perfect attendance!
Hedges Campus welcomed Elec Simon for an all school assembly. He and his team spoke with students about bullying and life.
Hedges Campus students engaged in ground-level team-building activities and a ropes course at Summit Vision & 7Summits Camp in Westerville, Ohio thanks to the Richland County Foundation.

Students participated in experiential learning activities in which critical thinking skills were used to solve problems, make decisions, set goals, and develop skills in leadership, conflict-resolution and communication. Students demonstrated appreciation of their personal strengths and weaknesses, and trust in themselves and in others in a challenging, supportive and fun atmosphere. 


More photos are available at the following link: Mansfield Schools - Hedges Campus at Summit Vision.









STEM Bowling

In November, students explored the science involved in bowling, thanks to the Richland County Foundation. Pre-planning and on the scene activities included:

· A behind the scenes tour of the mechanics and technology involved in bowling

· Calculating probabilities

· Calculating averages

· Physics (calculating rate, speed and distance; momentum and acceleration)

· Costs involved for the field trip (gas, personnel, time, etc.)

· Absolute locations

Through this experiential learning, students had the opportunity to practice good sportsmanship by enjoying 2 games of bowling in an atmosphere that was challenging, supportive and fun.





We were excited to invite students to explore the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus (thanks again to the Richland County Foundation).! Students observed a live demonstration of operant conditioning as they cheered on a thrilling game of one-on-one rat basketball.
The holiday lighting show had fun with explosions while teaching different ways to make light and color, the use of liquid nitrogen and a reindeer-powered generator that activated 12,000 holiday lights! Some students explored a space capsule and tested their skills as an “armchair” astronaut; defied gravity by riding a unicycle on a high-wire; and some students participated in The Electrostatic Generator Show, in which an electrostatic charge produced a truly hair-raising experience.

 The Semester ended with a Hedges Campus Staff vs Students All-Star Competition. Competing areas were: Egg on a spoon relay race,
  Jump rope                                    Basketball shots 
Buddy walkers                                 Milk chugging
 Book on the head relay race
 Ring toss 
 The students prevailed as champions!


The Richland County Foundation helped students begin the 2nd semester by challenging themselves at the Lorain County Community College ropes course. In this environment students increased their appreciation of their own personal strengths and weaknesses, increased their trust in others and cooperated with one another in order to complete team tasks.




In celebration of the contributions of Black Americans, during the month of February Hedges Campus students and staff were honored with guest speakers and a home concert.

     The Columbus Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club educated the staff and students with the history, legacy and heroic contributions made by the 9th and 10th Cavalry of the United States Army, better known as “the Buffalo Soldiers”.


      As Director of the Northeast Ohio Basketball Association and author of “Beyond Championships: A Playbook for Winning at Life”, Championship basketball coach, Coach Dru Joyce enriched the lives of staff and students with insight into the character and perseverance needed to succeed at life in general and achieve dreams.


Hedges Campus staff and students were privileged to have Mansfield City School’s very own educator and musician, Mrs. Patricia Johnson, who performed and educated us on the History of Black music in America.


In addition to academic success stories, many of Hedges Campus students have demonstrated notable improvement in applying coping skill strategies to everyday living.

Go Tygers!